Farming Refrigeration

King Cooling Ltd designs, installs, services and maintains a wide variety of farming refrigeration systems incl;

  • Chilled Tank Water Systems
  • Milk Silo Refrigeration
  • Ice Banks
  • Hot water heat recovery

We look at your whole system and process from pre-cooling through to vat chilling and water heating. 

We provide advice on how to improve the efficiency of your equipment. When you require a new unit or an upgrade to your existing unit, we can provide you with the best solutions for your requirements. 

Our installations are provided by an experienced and knowledgeable technician. All installations are carried out in line with NZ standards and by qualified tradesmen. Our focus is to install energy efficient products / systems with optimum performance as required by each situation/ environment.

Commercial Refrigeration

King Cooling Ltd also designs, installs and services a wide variety of commercial refrigeration products incl;
  • Cool Rooms
  • Freezers
  • Storage Units/Cabinets
  • Alarm monitoring systems

Custom Builds
King Cooling can also assist with custom built units/systems, all of which are complemented with a guarantee of quality and our promise to you for years of hassle-free servicing as long as a regular maintenance schedule is kept to.

Chiller Trailer Hire

We have 2 chiller trailers available for hire. These can be a great short term solution while between chiller systems, or a handy solution for keeping items cold for an event/ functions. 

Contact our office to discuss specs, availability and pricing. 

Heat Pumps / HVAC systems

We provide sales service/installation and maintenance of all Air conditioning and ventilation systems withing the commercial and domestic sectors.

We are committed to excellence and are members of the Climates Companies Associations as well as IPENZ -The Institution of Professional Engineers of New Zealand.  

Whether you're having difficulties with ventilation issues that require professional condensation control or your home space needs a more energy efficient heating solution; the team at King Cooling & Heat Pumps has the skills to accurately solve your problem with efficiency, whilst also providing sage advice on the systems current running condition and how to best benefit from any new system installations. We are actively seeking better more effective solutions for our customers that provide the best,In performance as well as efficiency.


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